!! AIEESE (Primary) Application apply from 1st September 2023 for academic session 2024 !!

Why Apply

Benefits of Applying:

AIEESE (Primary) is a unique and prestigious engineering entrance examination conducted for scholarship and financial support. The aspirants can apply to the best group of participating universities and colleges all over India. The main objective of fulfilling this entrance examination is to assist Engineering and Bio-Engineering aspirants to avail the opportunity to get admission into the group of participating universities and colleges established across the 28 states and 3 union territories of India.  Enrollments through the AIEESE (Primary) come with a merit-based basic scholarship, allowing applicants to benefit from the relief or waiver of up to four four-year tuition fees, You can redirect from Click here to get more information about the scholarship. A student can select three examination centers according to his/her location priority.


Financial aid provided to the candidates are:

  • Get up to four-year tuition fees as a full scholarship for studying in the top government-approved universities and colleges across India.
  • Different types of scholarships students can avail of are (a) complete four-year tuition fees (b) one-year tuition fees (c) Standard Laptop depending upon the performance in the scholarship examination score.
  • AIEESE (Primary) provides flexibility in selecting the college and its location according to students’ own choices.
  • Students can select more than 1,000 Government-approved universities and colleges across India.

For any further assistance:

Helpline Number: +91-9990555522

WhatsApp: +91-9355111309



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