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Marine Engineering (MRE)

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Marine Engineering (MRE)

Marine Engineers are the skilled professionals engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of vehicles and structures used on or around water for example – ships and boats.

They have responsibilities for the construction and maintenance of ships machinery that include steam turbines, gas turbines and engine room.

Marine engineering is also related to other fields such as naval architecture, oceanographic engineering, nautical sciences or automotive and mechanical engineering etc.

Marine Engineers work as a liaisons between ship captain and shore personnel in order to ensure the efficiency and safety of ship. Also, monitors and supervises the other engineers, mechanics and crew members of the ship.

Marine Engineers also works on the power generation, gas and oil industry. Nowadays may national and international companies showing their interest in producing the electricity with the use of tidal power generators and more.

Carrier Option-

Marine engineers have various job responsibilities in the industries like shipping, ship manufacturing, steel industry, power sector, the manufacturing sector, consultancy firm. They design, construct and develop nautical equipment.

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