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Global Exposure

The scholarship examination (AIEESE) is being conducted at global level bringing in about 10% overseas students aspiring to study in Indian Universities/colleges. The intermingling of global students helps to understand values such as adaptability, cultural awareness, tolerance a requisite of MNC jobs.

Brainztorm has tied up with MNC’s i.e. Microsoft, Google, HP, Bosch etc. leading experts to provide hands-on training to students with industry interface and visiting faculty of world reputed universities to conduct seminars/ events/ lectures for extra ordinary learning experiences of global standard in our partner colleges/universities.

Brainztorm has MOU’s with foreign universities for the students exchange programs facilitating global connections to improve analytical abilities, helps students to come out of their comfort zone to compete globally.

Global exposure could well be the difference between one candidate being offered a job over the other. Working internationally broadens your horizon and gives you the opportunity to explore a new country and understand how things work overseas.

Why gain international experience? International experience through volunteering or interning, allows you to learn about cultures, ideas, values, beliefs and religions practised by people around the world. You'll broaden your worldview, add to your personal development, and be part of a global community.

Work Exposure covers activities that reveal ideas, information and concepts about a relatively unknown world of work and career development by young people. Work Exploration covers activities in which young people explore, examine and investigate a new and/or unexpected world of work.

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