"Last date of counselling (Session-1&2) is 30th July 2024"

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE)

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Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering EIE

Electronics and instrumentation is a blend of electronics and automation in industries. Instrumentation department in any manufacturing or production unit plays an important role. This era is all about reducing physical work or man power everywhere. People prefer machines and robots for working with great speed along with accuracy so automation plays its role here.

In E&I we learn about all the electronics circuitry that has been used these days in industries. Some of the subjects will be common to EC(electronics and communication) and some of them will be common to EE(electrical engineering). There are vast opportunities for E&I graduates in automation industries if they do some courses like PLC & SCADA during their B.Tech. Companies like ABB, HONEYWELL pays too much to a PLC SCADA programmer.

During 3rd and final year you will study core subjects and that will bring some interest to your studies. You will get to know how big manufacturing plants work.

Job opportunities-

Private sector scope-
LG, SAMSUNG, SONY, SANSUI, Whirlpool, Intel, Vedanta etc.
Government sector scope-
Higher studies scope-
Mtech in EIE & Doctoral programme (phd.) etc.



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