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About Scholarship

About Scholarship:

AIEESE (Primary) stands as an esteemed engineering entrance examination dedicated to offering scholarships and financial assistance to aspiring engineers and bioengineers seeking admissions to esteemed participating universities and colleges across India. Established in 2012, this annual examination has continuously facilitated opportunities for candidates pursuing higher education in these fields.

Participating in this program aligns students with Asia's leading universities, paving the way for their academic journey towards graduation and subsequent employability. Over the years, AIEESE (Primary) has positively impacted numerous Indian students by providing scholarships, especially for those seeking entry into government-approved colleges and facing financial constraints.

In the realm of engineering, competition for securing seats in top-tier government colleges has been intense, leading to disqualification of many aspirants due to various challenges, including lack of preparation and financial limitations. At AIEESE (Primary), we prioritize recognizing and nurturing hidden potentials, ensuring that financial constraints don’t hinder deserving students from pursuing their dreams in engineering and bioengineering.

We firmly believe that every aspirant should have an equal opportunity to pursue their desired engineering course. AIEESE (Primary) aids aspirants by providing comprehensive guidance and facilitating access to a network of esteemed universities and colleges scattered across India, enabling them to choose institutions closer to their hometowns.

Functioning as a gateway to a plethora of participating universities and colleges, AIEESE (Primary) allows candidates the freedom to select their preferred college and stream. It necessitates a concept-based understanding of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) based on the 11th and 12th-grade syllabus available on our website.

Successful candidates in the AIEESE (Primary) scholarship examination become eligible for admission and scholarships based on their examination scores and subsequent counseling. Admissions secured through AIEESE (Primary) come with basic scholarship benefits, alleviating the burden of four-year tuition fees or even offering the chance to win a laptop for their academic pursuits.

Moreover, AIEESE (Primary) qualified candidates enrolling in AIEESE Counseling gain access to placement opportunities and preparation programs for competitive examinations like IES and GATE, conducted on the campuses of their respective colleges during their graduation.

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