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Mining Engineering (MNE)

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Mining Engineering (MNE)

Mining Engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the science, technology and application of extracting and processing minerals from a natural environment. In India, mining engineering courses includes extraction of valuable ores from the ground for processing and utilization. It involves all the phases of mining operations starting from exploration and discovery, feasibility, development, production, processing, and marketing. After that it is also required to restore and rehabilitate the land from where the extraction was done.Mining Engineers are responsible for locating natural reserves of minerals, petroleum, and other useful natural resources and lay out the plans, device shafts, inclines or quarries for the safe extraction of these resources from under the earth. The natural resource can be coal, petroleum, metallic or non metallic minerals, etc. While planning to extract the natural resource from under the earth a mining engineer also has to keep into mind workers health, safety and welfare. 

Mining Engineering (MNE) Carrier Option:

  1. The Indian Bureau of Mines.
  2. Geological Survey of India.
  3. Coal India Ltd.
  4. IPCL.
  5. ONGC.
  6. Neyvelli Lignite Corp.
  7. NALCO.
  8. TISCO.
  9. Reliance.
  10. TELCO etc.

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