!! AIEESE (Primary) Application apply from 1st September 2023 for academic session 2024 !!

About AIEESE (Primary)

AIEESE (Primary) is a unique and the most prestigious engineering entrance examination conducted for scholarship and financial support of the aspirants for the best group of participating universities and colleges all over India. AIEESE (Primary) was established in the year 2012 and since then examinations have been conducted every year. The objective of conducting such an entrance examination is to assist engineering and bioengineering aspirants to avail the opportunity for admission to a group of participating universities and colleges established all over India.

Asia’s top universities and colleges participating in this scholarship program prepare candidates for a future path to graduation and subsequent employability. Since 2012, lakhs of students from across India have applied and benefited from being selected for the scholarship program. We all know there are limited seats in government colleges. So students looking for top government-approved colleges must apply to AIEESE Primary for admission and avail financial assistance. All the candidates who cannot afford the expensive colleges and institutes can apply for the benefits of this scholarship program.

Engineering is one of the most prestigious and explored professions. With stiff competition, it has been extremely difficult for applicants to secure a seat in top-ranking government colleges, Many engineering aspirants have faced disqualification due to lag in their preparations and practices; also, they are too expensive, thus discouraging the pursuit of aspirants’ goals. At AIEESE (Primary), we believe that a student with a special potential concealed needs proper recognition and harnessing, and should be allowed to fulfill their dreams without any restrictions like financial limitations.

As it is speculated at AIEESE (Primary), engineering and bioengineering aspirants should never stop dreaming big or pursuing their engineering courses as many universities and colleges follow a similar engineering syllabus. So, here we at AIEESE (Primary) give hand-holding guidance into the best group of participating universities and colleges all over India so that these aspirants can pursue their studies in colleges near their hometowns.

So, AIEESE (Primary) is a gateway for allowing the candidates to select from the best group of participating universities and colleges and, thus, to select and study in the college and stream of their own choice. Engineering and bioengineering aspirants are required to target a concept-based knowledge of the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM), and Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB), respectively, of classes 11th and 12th which is based on the syllabus provided on our website.

The qualified candidates for the AIEESE (Primary) scholarship examination are eligible for admission and the scholarships shall be granted based on the examination scores and after the AIEESE counselling. Enrollments made through the AIEESE (Primary) would come with a basic scholarship, allowing the applicants to gain maximum benefits out of the relief from four-year tuition fees or the chance to win a laptop for their future studies.

Additionally, all the AIEESE (Primary) qualified candidates who enroll themselves in AIEESE Counselling to choose their colleges from the participating group of universities and colleges would be ascertained with an assured package of placement and a chance to prepare for competitive examinations, such as IES and GATE, on their colleges’ campuses with graduation.

This examination is being organised by "Scholarship and Admission Eligibility Testing Agency (SAET Agency)".

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