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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that enables peer-to-peer transfer of digital assets without any intermediaries and is predicted to be just as impactful as the Internet. It is a software platform where one can store, send and receive digital cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. McKinsey Report stated the major developments in the bitcoin industry along with the reason behind the popularity of Blockchain technology. As per IDC’s records, global investments in Blockchain are forecast to reach $11.7 billion in 2022 and will outstrip $3.1Tn by 2030. Being one of the best colleges for Computer Science in Delhi, we understand that this specialization course on blockchain development will enable the students to have a firm foundation in this futuristic concept. Blockchain technology has managed to penetrate and transform the primary industry sectors like healthcare, finance, and banking. In the future, it will eradicate the role of mediators in several key areas to bring efficiency, transparency and eliminate corruption at the highest level. Many of the Indian banks have already adopted a host of blockchain-based applications such as invoice processing, discounting, eKYC, document authentication, verification using e-signatures, etc. At the NorthCap University Gurugram, this course – CSE with Specialization in Blockchain Technology will equip students with key concepts and developments around cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger systems. It will develop a basic understanding of Blockchain technology and the mechanics behind it. It will also include some of the Blockchain use cases in technology, business and enterprise products.

Job opportunities-

Private sector scope-

TCS, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Infosys Technologies, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, IBM India, SAP India etc.

Government sector scope-


Higher studies scope-

M.Tech in CSE-CS, Research & Doctorate.

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