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Food processing is a branch of food science and it is a set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for the consumption of humans and animals. Processing of food leads to the preservation of food, enhances its flavor, and reduces the toxins in the food product.

Modern food processing techniques have led to the feasibility of the development of present-day supermarkets. The rising consumerism in the societies of developed and developing countries has contributed to the growth of food processing industries with techniques such as spray drying, juice concentrates, freeze-drying, and the introduction of artificial sweeteners, colorants, and preservatives.

Bio-Food Process Technology is an interdisciplinary field that consolidates natural sciences with designing innovations to control living creatures and organic frameworks to deliver items for headway in medical services, medication, farming, food, drugs, and climate control. 

Getting ready food prompts insurance of food works on its character, and diminishes the toxic substances in the food thing. The high-level food-getting-ready procedures have incited the feasibility of the improvement of the present-day markets. The rising industrialism in the social orders of made and farming countries has added to the advancement of food taking care of organizations with strategies, for instance, sprinkle drying, juice dense, freeze-drying, and the introduction of fake sugars, colorants, and added substances.

Job Opportunity
FCI, ITC Limited, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd., Agro Tech Foods, AMUL, Perfetti India Ltd., Cadbury India Ltd. PepsiCo India Holdings, Nestle India Pvt. Ltd., Britannia Industries Ltd., Hindustan Lever Limited, Godrej Industries Ltd., Dabur India Ltd., etc. You can get a minimum salary package of 9-10 Lakh annually.

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